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Triton Water Displays is a division of Saline Solutions Inc.

Adding a water display to your home or office can do more than just beautify your space, it can also act as a natural humidifier, create a calmer and stress-free environment, or add ambiance.


Saline Solutions Inc is a manufacturer of aquariums, filtration systems, water displays and aquarium novelty products that has been in business since 1992. In 1999 we began manufacturing and customizing water feature displays. As the demand grew we decided to branch off into Triton Water Displays to separate the aquarium and water feature businesses for better service. For more information on Saline Solution Inc. visit our website


Triton Water Displays, a division of Saline Solutions Inc. provides water features such as bubble walls, water walls, water towers, rain curtains and more. Not only can we help bring your imagination to life, we also install and maintain all of our water displays. Once we get your display up and running, we will keep it running. All of our displays come with thorough, easy to follow instructions. Our water displays are designed using advanced water filtration technology and environmentally safe chemicals for both people, and the environment. Regular checks are important to ensure your water display runs efficiently throughout its lifespan. Triton Water Displays also offers warranties on all of our displays (warranties vary depending on model and design), and we also provide emergency service, if needed.


We can be reached by telephone, email, and fax. You may also visit us in our showroom at 703 Petrolia Road, Toronto, Ontario.

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Triton Water Displays has a new showroom, new shop and new location.  Visit us in person in our showroom, and see our feature product, perfect for beautifying your home.


Happy New Year! From all of us at Triton Water Displays.

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Triton Water Displays is a Division of

Saline Solutions Inc.

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