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BUBBLE COLUMNSWhite Bubble Column in a commercial setting


These wonderfully lit columns create a spectacular stream of light, while an endless flow of bubbles consistently replenishes itself. A gentle pulse of air rises within the column to generate a steady stream of bubbles, creating a wonderful and soothing visual display.


Bubble Tubes feature a high output air pump, internal bottom light and a fashionable base for the perfect finish. Custom tube sizes are available for displaying products or d├ęcor. Bubble Columns are perfect for retail displays, salons, offices, restaurants and homes.




Once you have your display up and running we will keep it running. We can add in a state of the art filtration system to make the product virtually maintenance free. Refer to the download section for more information.

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Triton Water Displays has a new showroom, new shop and new location.  Visit us in person in our showroom, and see our feature product, perfect for beautifying your home.


Happy New Year! From all of us at Triton Water Displays.

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