The illuminated Bubble Walls maintain a consistent flow of bubbles which adds ambiance and style to any establishment.  As with all our water features Saline Solutions bubble panels are manufactured using only quality material. Prefabricated acrylic sheets are not used; all of our units are assembled by hand.  Beauty and atmosphere are only a few of the qualities that the indoor water features encompass; they can also be designed to be functional as well. Increase the practicality of the Bubble Walls by adding shelving that can be used to display products or décor.


Bubble Walls can also be specially designed to suit any room’s specifications. You can decide on freestanding or mounted units and you can choose one of our five lighting options that best suit your needs.


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The water displays we build are all built by hand in our facility in Toronto Canada.  We use quality materials in every process of construction and insist on quality throughout every stage of each build.  We have shipped all over the world and can build feature of any size from 1ft to 20ft tall.



These wonderfully lit columns create a spectacular stream of light, while an endless flow of bubbles consistently replenishes itself. A gentle pulse of air rises within the column to generate a steady stream of bubbles, creating a wonderful and soothing visual display.


Bubble Tubes feature a high output air pump, internal bottom light and a fashionable base for the perfect finish. Custom tube sizes are available for displaying products or décor. Bubble Columns are perfect for retail displays, salons, offices, restaurants and homes.

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