Behind the beauty of every one of our water displays is a technical creation of equal artistry.   The moving parts that make the display run are high quality pumps, valves, piping, fittings, filters, electronics, lighting, among other parts.  Each is carefully chosen, sized and it's location thoughtfully planned to make our displays functional, simplistic and durable.


When issues come up our service team is there to correct them.  We have a dedicated shop in Toronto, ON.  and experienced mobile technicians ready to troubleshoot, maintain, and make minor adjustments to keep your Triton Water Display  working like the day it was installed.


Many of our Water Features have been running for decades because of quality workmanship, quality parts and our excellent service.  We have been building and maintaining  Aquariums and Water Displays since 1992.  We have learned that service is essential to getting repeat customers and referrals.  We also never stop learning about better products and better ways to help our customers through new technology and clear communication.


Experience the Triton Service difference, why many have chosen Triton Water Displays to create stunning works of art and keep them running.  Call us Today!

We have built and serviced some of the largest filtration systems in North America.  Our equipment rarely fails as we use nothing but high quality parts.


Our service is second to none as we provide preventative maintenance as well we have the knowledge and discernment to see what is needed to keep your water display or aquarium running with pure clean water at all times.


Talk to us today about different service options.  1-800-583-3474


We take pride in the artistic creation we make using water, but more pride in the mechanics of our projects.  They are simple, durable, and maintainable.


Let the technicians of Triton Water Displays keep your water clean and moving, it is our passion.



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