Glass Water Walls allow natural light to penetrate two rooms while providing a visual and audio centerpiece.  Connect rooms, or divide them and still keep an open concept layout.  Glass Water Walls can be design to have some transparency or provide complete privacy with translucent glass that still allows light through.  Textured Glass also proves the illusion of a vertical rippling stream and adds volume to the soothing sound of moving water.


Use Glass Water Walls in living-rooms, washrooms, foyers, office lobbies, waiting rooms, showrooms, and many other practice settings.  If you can dream it we can build it.

Mirror Water Walls offer a unique design in which the water cascades down a mirror.  The water displays we build are all built by hand in our facility in Toronto Canada.  We use quality materials in every process of construction and insist on quality throughout every stage of each build.

Stone Water Walls offer natural looks that are good for traditional settings. They can be made with a variety of different stones such as slate, granite and porcelain etc.

The Acrylic Water Wall offers a different design then our other water features. It has been machined to display a hypnotic water pattern.

Stainless steel Water Walls offer a modern design and are a very durable water wall. They can be made in many different textures.


Water towers are currently the most popular water feature. Similar to glass water walls, they can be seen from both sides. The design resembles a box and the water flows within the inside of the tower.

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